We have a 60" widescreen TV.  How far away should we be sitting?

The SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers) recommends a 30o viewing angle.  For a 16x9 TV, multiply the diagonal by 1.63.  With this rule, a 60" TV has an optimum seating distance of 97.8 inches, or roughly 8 feet.  But, as always, some people may want to sit a bit closer or further away, or the room may dictate where your seating is.  You could base your TV buying decision based on your seating distance by dividing your distance by 1.63, so a 107" seating distance would dictate a 65" widescreen TV.



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Seating distance from television
Amplifier_CI series

I want to upgrade my television.  I have a "square" TV and think that the widescreen TV's of similar size look smaller.  What size TV do I want in order to feel like I actually upgraded?

You may need a calculator when switching from a 4x3 to 16x9 (widescreen) television and wanting to find the ideal size  For a 4x3 TV, multiply the diagonal measurement by  0.8 to get the width.  So, a 46" diagonal 4x3 set is 36.8" wide.  For the height, multiply by 0.6, telling us our 46" set is 27.6" tall.  Your 16x9 TV sizes are determined by multiplying the diagonal by 0.87 for width and 0.49 for the height.  A new 46" widescreen TV is 40"W x 22.54"H.  In this example, the 16x9 has 124.7 square inches less screen area and is 5" shorter.  You gain some width, but your height drops a lot and your screen size is about 10% less.  To determine the ideal height for your new TV, divide your old 4x3 set's height by 0.49.  Using this previous example, dividing 27.6 by .49 equals 56.32.  It will take a 56" widescreen TV to retain a similar height as your old TV.  When it doubt, go even bigger, as we have never heard someone say "I wish I had gotten a smaller TV".

The cellular reception in my home (or office) is terrible.  My battery life seems shorter and I have dropped calls.  The reception is okay outside though.  Is there something to fix this?

Yes.  A Wilson Electronics certified solution will improve cell phone performance in a variety of building types.  Boosters and antennas, tailored to your unique situation, will provide a strong, reliable cell phone signal.  This will eliminate dropped calls, improve battery life and increase data speeds!  More details on our Cellular Booster page.

A central vacuum system was preplumbed in my home when I bought it.  What kind of vacuum system and attachments can be installed?

It is very important to match the size of your main vacuum unit to the size of your home and the number of outlets installed.  We also carry a full line of cleaning kits and specialty attachments to make cleaning a joy (OK, we are kidding, but it will be easier!).  If your motor will be in the garage, a utility outlet there will allow you to vacuum your car or RV.

Have a question or problem not addressed here?  Feel free to call us at 208-623-6331 or e-mail us through our Company page.  We will contact you with a solution, or post your question and the response on this page.

My surround sound receiver is in a cabinet and seems to get really hot.  Is there a way to help cool it down so it doesn’t “burn up”?

Of course!  Whether on a shelf, in a cabinet or mounted in a rack, there are cost effective solutions for cooling that even include automatic temperature controlled fans.  See more information here.



I am frustrated with having to use four remotes to control my TV & equipment.
Is there something simpler?

Replace all your remotes with a backlit, ergonomic remote.  Want to watch a DVD?  Simply press "Watch DVD" and let the remote do the rest.  A color touch screen is completely customized with the functions you use most and your favorite channel logos.


I want the impact of a good powered subwoofer when I watch movies, but don't want to add wiring around the room.  Is there a solution?

Certainly!  A wireless subwoofer kit connects to your receiver and subwoofer, transmitting the signal flawlessly.

Wireless Subwoofer Kit
Harmony Pro

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