If one device controlled up to 65%
of your home’s energy usage, wouldn’t
you want it to be simple to use and
accessible from anywhere?

Control your HVAC system from your security control panel, a tablet, your smart phone or web browser.  When properly equipped, additional safety features become available, such as a smoke detector alarm that will shut down the HVAC  system so as to prevent the spread of smoke and carbon  monoxide.  Triggered automation allows the thermostat to respond automatically to other devices like the security system or door locks.

Smart Thermostat

Easy to read thermostat supports 3-stage heat and 2-stage cool, including heat pumps and auxiliary heat, plus humidifiers/dehumidifiers.

Multiple systems can each have a home automation thermostat installed, yet be controlled with a single smart phone, security touch screen or web interface!

Screen shot of thermostat control on the security system touch screen.

Security system screen for thermostat control

Browser control of lighting and thermostat in a modern and easy to understand interface.

Thermostat screen1
Temperature Sensor1

Remote temperature sensors allow you to manage the temperature for the room(s) occupied the most.

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