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We've all had to haul a vacuum cleaner up or down stairs before.  Fought to navigate it under or between furniture.  Struggled to dump the container, or change the bag, and clean the two or three layers of filter before you put it away.  Central vacuums are superior to regular vacuums in most ways, but many homeowners don't know about them or are discouraged by their initial cost.  In reality, since most standard vacuum cleaners need to be replaced every few years, central vacuum systems often cost less over the lifetime.  Consider these benefits:   

#2 Less noise
Since the motor is located away from the living area, it is
significantly quieter when cleaning. 

#3 Easy to Use
Just plug in the hose and start vacuuming.  No need to haul around
a bulky canister or unwieldy upright.  With a multitude of attachments,
ceiling fans, tall shelves and pet hair become “no problem”!  Screen
doors, vents and under furniture or appliances?  “Piece of cake”! 

#4 No portable vacuums
A central vacuum only requires basic maintenance.  There are no
filter hassles. no re-circulated dust to trigger allergies and it has a
large trash capacity.


#5 Cleaner Air, Reduced Allergens
Central vac owners often notice how much cleaner the air is
inside their home.  The reason is simple, the central vacuum
system draws dust and allergens into the system and out of
the living space.  Want proof?  A university study confirmed
an improvement for allergy sufferers. 

#6 Deep Powerful Cleaning
Located in a basement, closet or garage, a central vacuum motor
is up to five times more powerful than the standard upright vacuum
motor.  This motor lasts longer and its powerful suction better
removes the deep grit and particles that age carpet.

Vac motors
Vroom! in the kitchen

#1 More versatile
With options for a self-contained under cabinet hose; attachments for
mini-blinds, under furniture, ceiling fans, and more; or a garage cleaning
kit for the car, boat or RV, a central vacuum system is ideal.

Vroom Hose
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