Ever experience dropped calls at home or in the office? Tired of slow data rates on your smart phone, tablet, data card or modem? Are you just out of reach from the nearest cell signal?  As homes have become more energy efficient, they have become less friendly to cellular signals.  Radiant barrier insulation, metal studs, stucco walls and low E windows all reduce your usable signal.

WilsonPro cellular signal boosters overcome these problems by amplifying weak cellular signals.  Cell phone signal boosters are able to pick up weak signals from a cell tower and transmit them to your cellular device, and then transmit a more powerful signal back to the tower.  This helps eliminate dropped calls, increases data speed AND improves battery life.

WilsonPro Certified Installer Series (CIS) products, by Wilson Electronics, are engineered for premium performance and each system is custom designed to work with your electronics and mobile phones.  Call 208-623-6331 for a complementary site survey.

Cellular Booster

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Outdoor directional antenna

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